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Welcome to! We're still building, but we're so excited to have you join us as we grow. If you're here, we know you're either excited to find a space that feels like home, or you've come with a hungry curiosity about who we are. Either way, you're Family. Kick your feet up and explore a little. We're somewhere behind a screen too, thinking, believing and creating this space to be more like you. Free.


Homophobia is a Revolving Door:

Community Violence Against Domo Wilson

A different perspective on the recent separation of famous lesbian YouTube couple Domo & Crissy.


"You have to write and develop and wait for the world to catch up to your art."

— Lena Waithe



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Writing to live, writing to love, writing to feel. We got stories, poems, songs and more from Queer folk just like you. Check out their art below!

Saint Pauli Murray 

Saint Pauli Murray 


Pauli Murray: 'Man In The Mirror'

by Gwendolyn Rogers (they/them)

Was Saint Pauli Murray a man? Did she desire to create an identity outside the one she was born with? Join Gwendolyn Rogers as they gather a different perspective on how Pauli Murray expressed her desires for an alternative gender identity.

She/He/They: Learning to Love The Pieces of Me

by Jay Nichols (they/she, in that order)

What's your story? These are reflections of a journey to self-love from a Trans-Androgynous experience. Check out their story below.


Black Child, White Foster Home

by Sharrica Miller, PhD (she/her)

Check out this story of Dr. Sharrica Miller's experience arriving at one of many white foster homes she'd endure during her childhood. From cultural voids to battling the traumas of displacement in the foster care system, Miller would find her way out alive, but not without detangling a lifetime of healing work.



#BGMSound Features Hip Hop Artist - Rica

Rica (she/her), also known by her brand (R.I.C.A.) "Rich In Character and Attitude", is a 26 year old hip hop artist from Washington DC, using her story of evolution and growth to inspire others to use their gifts. Be sure to check out her story as we navigate what it's meant to create and sustain her art and identity through struggles with colorism, sexuality, and gender expression. Coming soon to #BGMSound.

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Masculine and Tender. Imaginative worlds. Where our skins and our hearts and our art don't just matter, they are alive. Follow our events and recaps below!


Masculiminality Docu-Series - Fall ‘18

Masculiminality: #MeToo Stories of Black, Masculine-identified Women and Non-Binary Beings is a docu-series created to recognize sexual assault, harassment and sexualization of non-normative masculine identities. We will be touring for interviews starting Fall 2018 in Washington DC, New York, Louisiana, California, Georgia and Texas. For more info on how to contribute to our project team or to become an interviewee, please email, or check us out on social media!


#ReDefiningSoft - Brooklyn, NY 11/3-4/2018

We’ve partnered with 249 Films and Robin Williams to bring you #ReDefiningSoft, a 2-day healing event for Black, Masculine-identifying women & Non-Binary identities. We celebrated with art & writing workshops, panel discussion, Reiki healing, meditation and an herbal tea lounge for everything your spirit needs and more. Full gallery and video coming soon!

Recap from our #QueerBlackCoffee traveling brunch event!

Recap from our #QueerBlackCoffee traveling brunch event!

A Queer Artist Brunch - Washington DC - 3/31/18

We went to Washington, D.C. to spend time with some of the dopest artists around at "A Queer Artist Brunch DC". So much love, food, laughter and poetry to go around. This is definitely one of our favorite cities to kick it with! Check the recap below!


#QueerBlackCoffee Brunch - Baton Rouge, LA 3/17/18

We hooked up with the owners of Olive or Twist in Baton Rouge to host our VERY FIRST #QueerBlackCoffee Brunch! The most amazing venue with wood features and bottomless multi-flavored mimosas, our hearts and our palettes were more than satisfied. This event was most magical because of the support of our community allies, who showed up just to center Queer Black women in love. Huge thank you to everyone who came out!


#TheQueerKickBackSeries Community Forum - Baton Rouge, LA

Check us out as we look back at our first event ever! We'll be honest, we had NO IDEA what we were actually doing, but somehow we made a beautiful thing happen. All we had was a couple iPhones and a free library to work with, but magic was still in the midst! (That's just how it goes, right?) Live performances, good food and open hearts brought our people together to talk gender, community and change in Baton Rouge, LA, with a special guest appearance by Dr. Amber Johnson!

Meet the Writers

They love our community, speak our issues and tell our stories. Meet the Word Artists behind the magic.


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